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The Ministry of Justice holds systematic measures on execution of the Decree of the President Ilham Aliyev “On deepening of the reforms in the judicial-legal system” on April 3, 2019, and large enlightenment works are carried out on exclusive significance of this important document, including increase of efficiency of judicial execution, application of “Electron court” information system, propaganda of mediation institute, reliable defense of entrepreneurs’ rights and on other issues.

On May 16 in Lankaran Heydar Aliyev Centre there was held public debates on the theme of “the importance of the Decree on 03.04.2019 “On deepening of the reforms in the judicial-legal system” of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in defense of the rights of the citizens and entrepreneurs” by organization of the Ministry of Justice and Judicial-Legal Board.

First of all, the monument of the national leader Heydar Aliyev in Lankaran city was visited, there were put flowers on the monument and deer memory was commemorated with deep respect.

The event was attended by the minister of justice, the chairman of the Judicial-Legal Board Fikrat Mammadov, vice-ministers and other officials of the ministry, the head of the Executive Power of Lankaran city Taleh Garashov, chairmen of Shirvan Court of Appeal and other regional courts, judges, advocates, heads of the regional and local justice organizations, entrepreneurs, civil society, public and mass media representatives.

The minister of justice, opening the event, emphasized the continuous progress of the republic and state care for the development of the entrepreneurship under the leadership of the President Mr. Ilham Aliyev, noted that all-round reforms covered judicial-legal system in the country and a number of important measures were realized in this field last year. He also stated that, the Decree of the head of state on April 3 was a “road map” for future development of justice and judicial activity and works were realized on execution of this important document, including strengthening of judicial defense of entrepreneurs’ rights.

The head of the Executive Power of Lankaran city brought to the notice that, social-economic development was maintained in the country and successes were gained in all regions of the republic, including Lankaran region, the reforms in judicial-legal system served for simplification of appeals to the courts by the citizens and entrepreneurs.

There were made speeches at the event on the role of the Decree in improvement of accessibility to the courts, importance of judicial guarantee in

defense of entrepreneurs’ rights, importance of court decisions execution in restoration of the rights of the entrepreneurs and other demanders and on appliance of modern technologies in deepening of judicial-legal reforms, and the opportunities of “Electron court”, “Electron execution” information systems and other innovations in the field of justice were visually demonstrated.

It was noted that, important steps were made in acceleration of solution of disputes on entrepreneurship activity recent times, including there was passed to electron consideration of works on economic disputes, and measures were taken on improvement of execution of court decisions in maintenance of entrepreneurs’ rights.

Then, question-answer session was held with the participators and discussions were made. It was noted that, according to the Decree of the head of state, establishment of the specialized court for works on disputes with relate to tax and customs payments and entrepreneurship activity, improvement of civil-procedural legislation serves for reliable defense of entrepreneurs’ rights and enlargement of appeals to the courts by them.

The minister, summing up the event, stressed that, increase of quality and efficiency of justice, simplification of accessibility, high citizen’s satisfaction and acceleration of entrepreneurship development will be achieved as a result of execution of the Decree of the President, which is a new stage in development of judicial-legal system.



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