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Systematic measures are continued to be realized in the direction of increase of efficiency of justice judgement within the frame of judicial reforms founded by the national leader Heydar Aliyev and realized under the President Ilham Aliyev. Special attention is paid to rendering effective services to the population, elimination of cases causing corruption and increase of citizens satisfaction. As an obvious case of realized events, there were made amendments to the Civil Procedural Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan by the Law on December 28, 2018 by the legislative initiative of the head of state.

AZERTAC – Azerbaijan State News Agency informs that, there was held an event with relate to appliance of amendments made to the legislation in the administrative building of Sumgayit Court of Appeal.

The judges of Sumgayit Court of Appeal, judges of the courts and officials of the apparatus referring to its jurisdiction participated in the event.

The chairman of Sumgayit Court of Appeal Saadat Baktashi stated that, the amendments made to the Civil Procedural Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan by the Law on December 28, 2018 served for improvement and modernization of judicial activity of “Electron court” information system, realization of court execution in electron form, provision of operability and transparency, enlargement of opportunities to appeal to the courts. He stated that, first of all more reliable protection of human rights and independence of judicial power stands on the base of all realized reforms.

At the end, the trainers taken part in the event, as well as the judge of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan Khagani Mammadov, the judge of Baku Court of Appeal Abiddin Huseynov gave detailed information about amendments made to the Civil Procedural Code.

The ways of solution of problems to be arisen in the practice are discussed by analyzing new provisions of legislation. As well as, the content of the “extract” from final judicial act and “court notification” about parties rights and duties was discussed in the event.

The judge of Baku city, Yasamal District Court Ramin Gurbanov made speech with presentation about possibilities of “Electron court” information system, as well as single court portal, personal cabinet of citizens, electron payment system of public duties and electron execution system. It was informed that, the last amendments made to the Civil Procedural Code was applied in “Electron court” information system.

The judges participated in the training answered the questions about cases arising in appliance of “Electron court” information system and exchange of ideas was realized.



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