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The judicial-legal reforms founded by the national leader Heydar Aliyev are continued successfully under the leadership of the President Ilham Aliyev and on the basis of this the judicial system is modernized, citizens access to the justice judgement is simplified, important works are carried out with relate to enlargement of appliance of modern ICT and “electron court” information system.

The judge s corps was strengthened with new-generation lawyers. The judges work weight is considerably reduced by completing the majority of the current vacancies, and therefore there are made conditions for qualitative and timely consideration of the works.

Solid amendments made to the Civil Procedural Code and the Law “About courts and judges” of the Republic of Azerbaijan passed by the laws on December 28, 2018 by the legislative initiative of the head of state stipulated for development of possibilities to appeal to the courts, realization of court execution in electron form, provision of citizens interests, automation of judicial processes for the purpose of acceleration of justice judgement.

There were realized urgent measures with relate to organization of execution of new legislation, as well as there are held a range of trainings and legal enlightening measures in the capital and regions of the republic by presence of trainer-judges of supreme and appeal courts for the purpose of learning deeply innovations in legislation and due appliance by effective use of e-court opportunities.

At the same time our country struggles against corruption with strong political will of the head of state. The President Ilham Aliyev gave resolute missions for provision of transparency and accuracy in all fields, for terminating baseless demands and abuses in the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers dedicated to the finals of last year s social-economic development. According to the political will of the head of state, provision of transparency in judicial activity, establishment of citizen-officer relations on healthy criteria, sensitive approach to the people s appeals, non-permission of cases causing corruption is always taken into notice. For this purpose, there were held measures on increase of efficiency of justice judgement, current problems in judicial activity, defects and their causes were

analyzed in detail by holding conferences by the presence of the chairmen and judges of the courts of appeal and first instance courts in the capital and regions.

The next such kind of event was held in the Judicial-Legal Board on the 16th of January by presence of the judges of the Supreme Court.

The chairman of the Judicial-Legal Board, minister of justice Fikrat Mammadov and the chairman of the Supreme Court Ramiz Rzayev spoke in the event and stated that, the systematic and expedient reforms made in the judicial system under the leadership of the President Ilham Aliyev were directed towards establishment of works in the level of modern requirements and rise of public respect to the courts.

It was noted that, the Supreme Courts plays great role in reliable protection of human rights and liberty, in achievement of effectiveness in justice judgement, in formation of single judicial practice. Therefore, the most trained, the most professional judges with high moral qualities should work in this court that, the supremacy of law, fairness of court decisions be provided. The appliance of institute of principal evaluation of judges activity was stressed in this matter.

There was also noted in the conference that, the defects and other shortcomings causing people s dissatisfaction were eliminated, the judges should meet the requirements of Ethical Behavior Code, prevention of non-professional relations, improvement of anticorruption culture and elimination of negative cases were brought to attention in the conference.

As well as, the ways of solution of current problems were analyzed, and other recommendations were given on provision of citizens rights and liberty, prevention of cases causing procrastination and corruption, rising of public respect to justice judgement.



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