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The amendments made to the Civil Procedural Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan by the Law on December 28, 2018 passed by the legislative initiative of the President Ilham Aliyev were discussed by presence of judges of the courts and officials of the apparatus referring to the jurisdiction of Baku Court of Appeal.

The chairman of the court Iman Naghiyev opened the event and noted that, the amendments made to the Civil Procedural Code are the integral part of the radical reforms carried out on modernization of judicial system in our country. He stressed that, systematic and expedient measures were realized in the field of automation of judicial activity and digitalization of justice judgement process within the frame of continuous development of Azerbaijan justice.

There was established “Electron court” information system providing the appliance of modern information-communication technologies by the Order of the President on February, 2014 as a response to the challenges of time. The chairman of Baku Court of Appeal stated that, the appliance of digital technologies serves for improvement and modernization of judicial activity, provision of operability and transparency as a result of realization of court execution in electron form, simplification and enlargement of opportunities to appeal to the courts.

So, getting of information about the process without coming to the court, registration of judicial processes by audio-video means, as well as the opportunity to see the process in online regime, provision of “personal electron cabinet” is characterized by the article 10-1 about “Realization of court execution on civil cases and economic disputes in electron form” added to the legislation. The notification about the courts meeting is certified by the electron signature of the judge at the time of appointment of work and immediately is sent to the e-mail address or mobile telephones as SMS of the parties.

It is considered placement of the list of works appointed in the courts and final judicial acts base in the portal by new amendments made to the Law and payment of public duties in electron form, and this in its turn helps to decrease

procrastination and other cases in the courts and consideration of works in more qualitative level.

Addition of the chapter 23-1 about “Simplified execution on the works of small claims” to the Civil Procedural Code by the present Law will serve for more qualitative consideration of works, earlier getting of court decisions by the citizens and prevention of procrastination and tyranny in the courts.

It was stressed that, organization of effective judicial protection of citizens rights stands on the basis of all measures carried out by the direct commissions of the President on increase of efficiency of justice judgement. And this stipulates improvement of court access opportunity, healthy formation of officer-citizen relations, worthy services to the people, compliance with ethical behavior rules, and prevention of cases causing corruption.

The judge of the Supreme Court Asad Mirzaliyev participating as a trainer gave detailed information about amendments and annexes made to the article 139 of CPC about court notifications and to the article 214 about issue of extracts from the courts decree.

The leader of the working group on establishment of “Electron court” information system, the judge of Baku city, Yasamal District Court Ramin Gurbanov stated that, as a result of successful economic reforms made by the President Ilham Aliyev, according to the report “Doing Business 2018” of the World Bank, in comparison with the year 2017 Azerbaijan moved forward by 8 stages in 2018 and got the 57th place in rating evaluation made among 190 countries and was evaluated as one of three most reformist countries in Europe and Central Asia. According to the report “Doing Business”, the economic reforms realized during the last years opened way for achieving important amendments on indicator “Execution of contracts” and significant progress. He stated that, the amendments made to the Civil Procedural Code were applied in “Electron court” information system.

R. Gurbanov spoke with the presentation about Electron court” information system and gave detailed information about opportunities of the system, single court portal, personal cabinet of citizens, electron payment system of public duties, electron execution system and other matters.

The judges of Baku Court of Appeal Abiddin Huseynov and Rafael Eyvazov spoke about separate provisions of new legislation, made analyses, discussed the

ways of solution of problems existing in practice and answered the questions interested the judges.



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