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Under the leadership of Mr. Ilham Aliyev, the President of the country, special attention is paid to the modernization of justice and judicial activities and facilitation of the population s access to justice within the framework of judicial reforms in the country, for this purpose, a modern infrastructure is being created.

Within the framework of the state budget, as well as projects implemented jointly with the World Bank, new justice and court buildings and complexes, distinguished by modernity and equipped with the latest information and communication technologies, were built and put into operation in recent years in the capital and regions. President Ilham Aliyev personally participated in the opening of many buildings and complexes and gave appropriate recommendations and instructions.

Within the framework of a series of events dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Azerbaijani Justice held the opening ceremony of modern building for the judiciary and court in Zagatala district, newly built at the expense of the state budget in accordance with the instructions of the President.

Before the event, was visited the national leader Heydar Aliyev s monument in Zagatala region and his memory was commemorated with deep respect.

Fikret Mammadov, Justice Minister, Chairman of the Judicial-Legal Council, district officials, judges, heads of law enforcement agencies, court officials, public and media representatives attended the opening ceremony.

During the visit, it was stated that the building consists of three floors and a basement floor with total area of 2,300 m2. As with other newly built court buildings, the district court operating here is also divided into public and administrative zones, equipped with modern ICT, the necessary infrastructure was created in connection with the application of the "electronic court" information system in accordance with the instruction of the President of the country, including system and other equipment that serves to control video conferences, electronic document circulation and litigation, audio and video recordings. There are also conference and meeting halls, archives and other service rooms.

At the same time, all conditions have been created in the building equipped with modern technologies for the activity of implementation and probation of Zagatala region, registration departments, including ceremonial wedding ceremonies.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Minister of Justice underlined that the socioeconomic progress of the republic was ensured under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev in accordance with the development strategy determined by national leader Heydar Aliyev, gave information about the reforms and innovations in the justice and judiciary system.

It was noted that as a result of the reforms carried out to increase the effectiveness of justice on the instructions of the Head of State the judicial system has been improved, new courts and independent judicial self-governing bodies have been established, the most transparent selection rules in Europe for judges have been set.

The Minister noted that the measures taken to modernize judicial and judicial infrastructure would provide high level of activity in this area, facilitate accessibility of citizens by increasing the appeal of citizens and will serve to secure human rights.

Reporting that, in the building putting into use on the eve of celebrating the National Flag Day, also was establish the necessary conditions for the application of advanced ICTs, electronic information systems, it was emphasized that they will contribute to ensuring transparency in their activities and prevention of procrastination.

Speaking at the ceremony, Head of Zagatala District Executive Power Mubariz Ahmedzadeh, Chairman of the Sheki Court of Appeal Mubariz Akbarov and other speakers expressed their deep gratitude to the President of the country Mr. Ilham Aliyev for the comprehensive progress of our republic, the effectiveness of the judiciary and giving exceptional importance and special concern to the modernization of justice and judicial system.



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