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Particular attention is paid to the completeness of the judicial system through high-level judges and moral qualities within the framework of consistent measures led by Mr. Ilham Aliyev, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, to increase the effectiveness of justice in our country.

At the meeting of the Judicial-Legal Council chaired by Fikret Mammadov, reviewed the existing composition of the judiciary in order to complement the 30 judges of the Supreme and Appellate Courts, and gave recommendations to the head of state on the promotion of judges who were evaluated to be positive and professional.

The mentioned proposals were appreciated by the President of the country and these candidates were presented to the Milli Majlis for the appointment.

It was also mentioned that in connection with the expiration of the initial term of 71 judges appointed in 2013 by new rules, the work of each one of them has been studied on the spot, collected documents, material and information that characterizes their activities. It was emphasized that proposals were made to extend the terms of office of those judges worthy of their responsibilities by evaluating their activities.

At the same time, were considered the proposals of the Judges Selection Committee on 108 candidates selected by transparent procedures, including multidisciplinary exams, individual conversations with each of them in order to make their specialization were held. Instructions were given to prepare proposals on appointments of these candidates to different judicial positions on the courts of first instance.

It was noted that, as a result of the measures taken in this area, the majority of all vacancies in the judicial system, as well as Supreme Court and all appellate courts will be fully compiled for the first time, that will significantly reduce the judges workload, better quality of work and elimination of procrastination cases.

The principal attitude towards the violation of the requirements of the law was raised at the meeting and disciplinary proceedings were initiated against the 6 judges.



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