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The meeting of the Judicial-Legal Council was held. Speaking at the meeting, Fikrat Mammadov stressed that, reforms on the improving the effectiveness of justice in our country laid by national leader is developing under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev.

Referring to measures to increase the effectiveness of justice, noted the practical measures to improve legislation in this area, to implement a transparent selection of judges as an example in Europe, to facilitate opportunities for people to apply to courts, as well as to create "Electronic Court" information system and a new judicial infrastructure.

The meeting focused on the measures implemented within the framework of the tasks of the head of state on careful attitude towards citizens, elimination of corruption and other negative cases, was noted that during the activity of the Judicial-Legal Council about more than 230 disciplinary proceedings were initiated against judges, more than 100 judges were removed from the judicial system, given the fact that they had committed law violations and other negative cases.

It was emphasized the need to take more concrete measures to eliminate existing shortcomings in court proceedings, and to emphasize gross violations of the law committed by higher courts, especially with regard to corruption offenses and other negative cases.

It was noted that, taking into account the importance of the judiciary s compilation by highly qualified judges who have moral qualities the competition was held in full transparency with over 800 judges. 108 of them successfully completed internships, including multi-level exams and one-year training courses in courts, as well as in Ankara and Strasbourg - European Court.

In accordance with the rules of selection of candidates for the judiciary, the Judicial-Legal Council has considered the proposals of the Judges Selection Committee regarding these candidates and has started to conduct individual conversations with each of them for the purpose of their specialization.

It was noted that completing the majority of the vacancies available at the expense of candidates to the judiciary will serve to considerably reduce the judges workload, to be more qualitative in their work, and to eliminate procrastination cases.

At the meeting also reviewed disciplinary proceedings, Rashad Mammadov, judge of Garadagh District Court has been reprimanded, has made a decision on dismissal of Nuraddin Bagirov, judge of the Sabail District Court, on early termination of judicial powers of Arif Ismayilov, judge of Zagatala District Court in connection with the gross violation of the requirements of the legislation, the circumstances causing corruption, procrastination and other shortcomings.

At the same time, the powers of four judges were terminated on other legal grounds. Along with this, it was appropriated to send investigative materials on concrete corruption facts to General Department for Combating Corruption under the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Azerbaijan for legal assessment.



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