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The judicial and legal reforms, laid down by national leader Heydar Aliyev, are successfully implemented under the leadership of the President of the country Mr. Ilham Aliyev, consistent and purposeful measures are being taken to improve the judicial system.

Creating working groups with the Council of Europe in this area, the legislative framework regulating judicial activities has been substantially renewed, the independence of the judiciary has been strengthened, the most progressive and transparent selection rules of judges have been determined in Europe and the judicial self-governing authority has been expanded annually.

During the implementation of the reforms, close co-operation was established with the Council of Europe and its European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice and the CEPEJ Plenary Meeting in 2014 was held for the first time outside Strasbourg, in Baku.

The positive experience of our country in the selection of judges has been valued as an example by CEPEJ and recommended to other countries as well as emphasized that Azerbaijan is a leading state in the development of the judicial system, modernization and creation of a new unique infrastructure. It is no coincidence that last year our country won the Council of Europe s "Crystal Scale of Justice" competition for its success in the judicial system.

Our country was also represented by Ramin Gurbanov, the judge of the Yasamal District Court of Baku, who was actively involved in the Commission s work, as an expert of the European Court System Assessment Committee of CEPEJ, member and vice-president of the Bureau. The representative of Azerbaijan closely participated in the evaluation of judicial systems in many European countries, led the assessment teams and promoted CEPEJ activities, particularly our country s positive experience in judicial-legal sphere in prominent international events, as well as upon the request of Council of Europe in foreign countries and to his colleagues.

At the next plenary session of CEPEJ held in Strasbourg on December 4 were the elections of the president, vice president and two members of bureau of the organization.

Taking into account our progressive success in judicial reforms, as well as active participation, effective representation and contribution of our country in the Commission s work, as a result of the elections, the representative of Azerbaijan Ramin Gurbanov was elected President of CEPEJ.

High representation of the Republic of Azerbaijan as President of CEPEJ, which contributes to the judicial reform of more than 50 states and contributes significantly to the efficiency of justice, is one more manifestation of the growing reputation of our state in the international arena.



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