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The following meeting of Judicial-Legal Council has been held. Informed at the meeting held with the chairmanship of Fikrat Mammadov, that in recent days the sabotage of Armenian military units is decisively prevented by Azerbaijani Army and delivered a blow to the enemies and honored the dear memory of soldiers and military officers who has been a fallen for winning a spectacular victory. Stressed that Azerbaijani Army which is becoming stronger and stronger under the leadership of Supreme Commander-in-Chief, state President Ilham Aliyev, is able to give a decent response to each sabotage of the enemies.

As well as, noted the consistent measures implemented in accordance with the assignments of the head of stateon increasing the efficiency of justice and reviewed the modifications to legislation on improving the judicial activity and other organizational issues.

At the same time, some judges activity was evaluated by making a discussion with their participationrelating to expiration of their terms of office, several shortcomings and defects were brought to their mind, as well as proposals were prepared on changing the judges workplace in order to make use of judge staff more efficiently.

At the meeting, reviewing the disciplinary proceeding against the judge of Hajigabul District Court Hamid Azizov, he was refuted for violating the requirements of legislation and disciplinary proceedings was initiated against 3 judges.



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