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The following meeting of the Judges Selection Committee was held. Issues on receipt of judge candidates’ applications were discussed at the meeting.

Informed that during the receipt of applications which continues since 15 December of last year, more than 500 lawyers put forward their candidacy, the process was decided to finish on 15 April regarding to reducing the number of candidates who submit application.

As at least 30 years of age was determined in the legislation to become a judge, the receipt of only these persons’ applications was implemented. But the competition with judge candidates consisting of numerous exam, lasts for 2 years according to the experience of previous years and candidates get the right to become a judge only at the end of competition.

In this regard, it was decided at the meeting to give an opportunity for participation of candidates at the competition who have reached the age of 28 and meet the other requirements in the legislation for becoming a judge.

The duration of receipt of applications was extended till the 1st of May by the Judges Selection Committee in order to create conditions for submitting the applications of the same persons.



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