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Taking into account Judges’ training in 2007 year the Training Sector of Judges and Prosecutor was established under the Judicial-Legal Council and as a basis of the process the international standards were paid attention.
The Sector that formed in 2007 year is composed from 3 Judges of higher instance court and a public prosecutor. The trainings by the Sector are held on voluntary basis, and the course program is drafted taking into account of Judges’ wishes.
Therefore, the program of courses is drafted pursuant to Judges’ survey, Judges’ needs in fields and issues are being defined and the programs on different fields are being drafted on these needs.
The Judges themselves choose the training course program they want, proper to their calendar.
At the same time in law, the candidates to judge posts should be drawn into long-term courses. The course program of half-year training is made pursuant to international experience, the protection of human rights, deontology, struggle against corruption and other themes are being included into the program.
In the frame of the trainings, raising the knowledge of the candidates and their passing probation in the courts is taken into account.
The lectures of higher instance court Judges, prominent scientists, and influential foreign experts are attended.

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